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Teacher Resources

Agriculture fits easily into the subject(s) you already teach!  Below are some resources that will help you make connections to agriculture across the curriculum.

We have lessons and activities from pre-school to high school that are set to the New Mexico standards and benchmarks.  The lessons include power points, activities and even some fun facts about New Mexico!  We also have an extensive loan library available that includes educational books, DVD's and resource kits.  Also do not forget to check out our Resource Guides and the NMAITC Coloring Book.

This kit adapted from the California Foundation for Agriculture, is designed to help explore the relationship between agriculture and commonly used items.  It is an eye-opening kit for even those involved in the agriculture industry.  It also provides a fun and easy way to open a conversation about the importance of agriculture.  This kit is great for fairs, classroom presentations and other educational outreach venues.

No money for field trips? Take your kids all over the state for free and never even have to leave your classroom! Click here for the Field Trip! Video Series or check out the Agventure! treasure hunt and look for it at a fair near you!

NMAITC Teacher of Excellence Award Application 2014-15 is here! Click Here

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